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Luna is a lovely young woman whose destiny is marked by the thirst for revenge from the person who will eventually become the love of her life: Mauricio Garcia.

Luna lives with her mother in a small village on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The paradisiacal place has attracted the attention of a powerful businessman by the name of Don Esteban, who wishes to embark on a considerable tourist complex project with multinational interests behind him. Mijares, one of Don Esteban's closest men, has been chosen to get the project moving forward. In order to speed things up and secure purchase of all the required land plots, Mijares in turn hires Ignacio who is an impulsive and unscrupulous person.

Victoria Mendoza, Luna's mother, refuses to sell her lands, which are deemed of key importance to the project. No one suspects that Mauricio, a young entrepreneur who has sworn to destroy Don Esteban, out of revenge, has offered Victoria legal help so that she won't end up selling her lands from sheer intimidation. Ignacio kills Mrs. Victoria thinking that it will become easer to deal with her young daughter Luna, who is now the legal heir to the lovely beachfront property. His strategy ultimately proves wrong, because Luna flees to the capital, at the advice of her next of kin, who want to protect her. There, Luna's life will experience big changes, and thereon many problems and conflicts will set in, that will give this story a dramatic turn.

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Telenovela completa en 30 dvds(HQ)

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